Mireille was part of the Judging Panel for "Dancing Feet", an after school program of Ballroom Dancing for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Antelope Valley along with highly acclaimed Judges such as Nick Cotton, Teresa Shiry and Sherry Novak . 

  • Lessons/coaching

- Congratulations to new student Steven who just danced at the Embassy Ballroom Championships in Irvine, CA! He competed Pro/Am, in both Silver Smooth and Silver Standard for 2 days straight. This was a very highly attended event with high demand for floor crafting. Great job Steven!

  • In March 2018:

- Fun times at the SoHo Dance LA Summer Showcase! Student Jerry performed a Theatre show  number "A Couple of Swells"; tribute to Fred Astaire & Judy Garland who did it in the Classes Motion Picture "Easter Parade". Way to go Jerry!

  • Weekly Group class sessions:  ​               no partner needed!
  • Ballroom Dancing  in Los Angeles

   Professional Dancer



 Dance from the Heart

  • In June 2018:
  • In October 2018:
  • Wedding Preparations

Team Match "Great Gatsby" style was in full swing at SoHo Dance LA:

  • In May 2018:
  • In August 2018:
  • Monthly Ballroom Parties- Socials

- We went to Ballroom Beach Bash Dancesport competition in San Diego, CA. Jerry competed PRO/AM in both Smooth (Thursday) and Standard (Friday) and won many 1st places! Jaime & Fawn competed as AM/AM for the 1st time and did great! So proud of all 3 of them!

Congratulations to all the students of SoHo Dance LA and especially to my students, Jim, Anthony, Jaime, Jerry, Fawn & Karina for their great dancing that day.

Sat 7pm

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  • In February 2018:

- Renée and Nancy attended April Follies in Oakland, CA. They danced as AM/AM in both Smooth & Standard and won many 1st places, including USA & NASSPDA titles at C level! Great dancing Ladies!!

Sat​ 3pm

- It was our Spring Showcase at SoHo Dance LA. Student Francesca performed a Gypsy Show numbering danced beautifully. Well done Francesca!

Sat 2pm



- Mireille Gineste & Gregory Day (both Pros) danced with the 35 piece Symphony Orchestra in Tennessee.

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Argentine Tango: (Open Level)

Starting October 2nd, 7:30pm, our Intermediate Ballroom Group Class (Full Bronze level) will be working on American Tango. This will a 5 week session. Bronze level 1 & 2 required.

The next session will start Tuesday first week of November with American Foxtrot.

Every Tuesdays, 7:30pm.

​Location: SoHo Dance LA.

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- Congratulations to student Jaime who danced Pro-Am Closed Silver American Smooth at Emerald Dancesport Competition and won 1st place in Gentlemen Silver Championships!

Starting Tuesday October 2nd, 8:30pm, our Advanced Group Class (Silver Level & up) is focusing on American Foxtrot. This is a 5 week session. Students are always welcome to join the first 2 weeks then the sessions is closed to newcomers until the following session.

Full Bronze level required.

Next session will start 1st week of November with American Viennese Waltz.

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Group Classes for the month of October 2018:

Advanced Ballroom: American Foxtrot

(Level 3- Silver Level)

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October 20th, Ballroom/Hustle/Salsa Dance Party

Congratulations to William and Kaki who got married in NY. Their First dance was so much fun creating. Job well done and best wishes to the both of them!

"Congratulations to the Knoxville Symphony League for hosting its most successful Symphony Ball in recent history! Held this past Saturday at Cherokee Country Club with a St. Paddy’s Day theme, “An Emerald Evening” brought in about $150,000. Of that, about $45,000 was donated by a show of hands straight to the Symphony’s Music and Wellness Program, which provides musicians to play in area hospitals and other health care facilities."

“The Symphony Ball was a huge success this year and the League deserves a big thank you for their tireless efforts to make it a reality,” said Rachel Ford, executive director of the Knoxville Symphony." -Bluestreak article, March 2018.

West Coast Swing: (Open Level)  

- Congratulations to both Jerry and Jaime on their great success at California Open Dancesport Championships! Jerry danced Standard Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot & Quickstep and won most of his Single Dances. Jaime danced Smooth Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot & Viennese Waltz and won his Multi Dances, Best of the Best Championships and overall Top Silver Student! 

We've been Dancing!

- Laura and John got married in Pittsburg! Working on their Wedding Dance was such a pleasure.They danced beautifully.

Congrats to the Happy Couple!

Performing at the Madrid Theatre in the "Divas To The Dance Floor" was such a treat! Dancing many styles of dances in one show was fabulous. The show was such a success that there is already another one in the works. Stay tuned for the date announcement!



Express the Music

  • Group classes

- Students Nancy, Renée Debbie and Elenie, who all attended in Paris, France, the Gay Games X. In the Ballroom division, Nancy and Renée danced in Standard category and placed 8th! Congrats Ladies!

  • In April 2018:

- Judging Kids' Ballroom Competition in Antelope Valley, CA:

Intermediate Ballroom: American Tango 

(Bronze Level 2)

Here are a few updates: (for all classes updates,scroll all the way down)

October 14th, Ballroom Tea Dance Social Party

Starting Saturday Septembert 8th, Mike and Mireille's West Coast Swing group classes are back for another month of learning this fun dance. Perfect your moves with fundamentals and structure to improve your dancing and become a more accomplished dancer. This is a 4 week progressive session.

Location: SoHo Dance LA Westwood.  4 week session. All levels welcome.

Starting Saturday September 8th, Mike and Mireille's Argentine Tango 4 weeks progressive are beginning a new session. This Group Classes will focus on the fundamentals thru structure and musicality which will broaden your knowledge of how to lead them and/or follow. 

​Location: SoHo Dance LA Westwood.  4 week session. Beginners welcome.